Frequently Asked Questions

What is Millenium bookstore ?

Millenium is a comic book store in Montreal, Quebec that specializes in american, french canadian and french comic books. Our expertise incited us to make a website to make our products accessible online and to offer competitive prices.

Can I order an item which is not available on the website ?

It.s possible to place special orders for american, french canadian and french comic books, and for related items. Contact us for more details.

What are GST and QST ?

These are sale taxes applied in Quebec. The first one (GST) is canadian federal tax, it is equivalent to 5% of the item sold ; it will apply on any purchase made on the website. The second tax (QST) is a provincial tax, it.s equivalent to 7.5%. For any item purchased on the website, QST will apply only on shipping and handling. You can see taxes amount in details for any order in Shopping cart section, accessible with the .Edit cart. button.

How does delivery service work ?

We use Canada Post for local and international delivery. It is possible to deliver our items anywhere in the World. Shipping costs depend on the nature of the order and the destination. Canada Post uses USPS for delivery in United States, and an independent service, such as FedEx, for international delivery. If you ask, we can send you information necessary to keep track of the position of the package.

How do you calculate the shipping ?

Prices depend on the nature of the order and the destination. In Canada only, for any order of more than 75$CAN (before taxes), shipping is free. When the order includes only a few books with flexible covers, books are sent in an envelope and you take advantage of a lower shipping cost. Otherwise, boxes are used to wrap the merchandise, and the shipping cost depends on the item.s weight and the destination.

What modes of payment do you accept ?

We accept Paypal transactions and Visa or Mastercard. Paypal is a free and safe service which allows you to make online transaction from your bank account and your credit cards.

Is the site safe ?

We use SSL encryption to gather your personal information, which is the norm in the industry. For transactions, we use PayPal, a safe online payment system. Please notice that no credit card number will be kept in our data files, and no personal information will be shared or sold to anybody. See our security and privacy policies in the security and privacy section for any more information.

Refund policies

We refund items which that have some damages caused by delivery. Contact us to know about the procedures.

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